Sunday, January 6, 2013

Young Women Birthday Gifts in a Can

For the YW's Birthday Gifts this year we are give them a Temple Recommend Holder to go along with this years theme "Stand Ye in Holy Places". I saw this idea for the can years ago for something else but thought it would be a cute idea for the YW's gift. So I made a can cover to look like a Campbell Soup can cover, and I think it came pretty close. For the back label I went to Pinterest and found this cool theme label which you can find on this website.
   1) I opened the can from the bottom with one of those newer can openers (like the one to the right, man that thing is dirty, sorry all).
   2) Take the food out.
   3) Take can label off and wash the can.
   4) Put the gift inside (Temple Recommend Holder & Candy).
   5) Reseal the can (with any kind of Super Glue).
   6) Put the new label on and there’s the gift.
   7) UPDATEmake the cans as you need them. We discovered that if the candy was in the can too long that it got a metallicy taste to them. Good luck :)

Hope the YW like them. For the label file go to my Etsy Shop HERE and buy it for $2.00.

Don’t forget to measure your can, the height and width and then adjust the label to match the can. I DIDN'T use a Campball Soup can, I used a bigger/medium size, a can that has the pull top (easy for the girls to open). I used the Wal-Mart brand can fruit with the pull top lids.

What I did for putting the names on the Can Label was I put the YW Birthday Label Picture in a Word document. Then I would put a Text Box over it with NO BOARDER and have it have a CLEAR BACKGROUND. Then I would just type the girls name in the text box. If you need more help just ask, happy to help :)

2014 Theme
2015 Theme


  1. I had the 2015 soup label downloaded on my laptop and my laptop crashed. So I'm trying to find the label again so I can finish the young women's birthday cans. I was hoping you could help me out.

    1. Ellen, I'm so sorry but my hard drive also crashed and I no longer have the file. I'm sorry.

    2. Can you make a 2016 soup can label?